Hiring – Our Hadley, PA Facility is hiring Welders

We are looking for full time WELDERS – apply now!

Our Hadley Facility – Valley Can Custom Container, a manufacturer of quality refuse containers, is seeking reliable, experienced, full-time Welders who will impress with outstanding attendance, attention to detail, and the ability to produce in our fast-paced, incentive-based, manufacturing facility in Hadley, PA.

Welds and assembles metal components to affect the production of and repair to steel containers.  Also, an employee must be able to:
1.  Attend work on the schedule established by the employer without violating the absenteeism policy.
2.  Follow all safe work practices.
3.  Obtain parts and materials as directed.
4.  Use grinder to smooth out, weld, or grind parts prior to or after welding.
5.  Operate manual welding units and equipment by depositing metal from electrode to work piece and join edges of work piece.
6.  Maintain length of arc and speed of movement to form a specified depth of fusion and bead.
7.  Weld in flat and vertical planes (all position welding).
8.  Examine weld for bead size and other specifications.
9.  Grind or clean weld joint of work piece.
10. Repair improperly welded pieces and fill holes.
11. Position and clamp work pieces together or assemble them in a jig fixture.
12. Tack assemblies together.
13. Fabricate new or replacement parts as necessary.
14. Assemble component parts using hand and small power tools.
15. May change hoses, fittings, air valves, suspension parts, etc.
16. Clean up the work area daily.
17. Operate acetylene torch.

Skills:   Understand and apply welding techniques; work quickly and skillfully with the hands; accept responsibility for the work performed; visualize what the finished product should look like; operate welding equipment with skill.

Carbon steel experience needed
Wire-feed welding
Fabrications with welding and layout
Willing to work 40 + hours