Ramp Containers

CCS manufactures Ramp Containers: a simple, good idea

CCS has partnered with Ramp Container to manufacture an innovative industrial container. Ramp Container’s boast integrated front or rear ramps designed for versatile and efficient operation. The patented container ramp solutions have been engineered to accommodate the most demanding job site applications, making it the new standard in roll-off containers.

Ramp Container is an easy to use, strong roll-off container with front or rear built-in ramp doors allowing equipment or materials to be driven in or out. The versatility of the Ramp Container allows for greater job efficiencies which translates to time and cost savings. The front and rear ramp containers have been developed and designed to save money and resources, while being safer and easier to operate than traditional roll off containers.

Who Uses Ramp Containers?
With your choice of either an integrated front or rear ramp configurations, Ramp Container is perfect for every job in any industry.
Waste haulers
Dumpster rental companies
Bulk material suppliers
Multi-residence buildings

Roll-off with a Built-In Ramp Door
Innovation through simplicity has been the focus since Day One. Ramp Container’s easy to open and close ramp door is an ideal solution for every job site. Whether the operator is loading or unloading, the patented integrated ramps are designed with their safety in mind.

Visit rampcontainer.com to view detailed specs and learn more about Ramp Containers.